Lumby family is relocating a tame deer following threats to harm the young animal

Friendly deer forced to flee

Fluffy the deer is about as tame as a deer can be.

She is cuddly, gives kisses and while still free to roam throughout the Lumby area, Fluffy prefers to spend time at her adopted home.

Anna Lafortune and her family have been taking care of Fluffy since she was abandoned by her mother at just a few weeks old.

The deer has always been free to roam like any other deer, but she has developed a strong bond with Lafortune and her family as well as others in the Lumby area.

But not everyone is happy with Fluffy.

The problem is Fluffy does what deers do and has been spotted eating plants from area resident's yards, and some are not too happy about it.

And because of that, the family has received threats online from people saying they will shoot the deer in the head.

A conservation officer that Lafortune knows will take Fluffy to a safe place “where there are other deer.

“My children are heartbroken. My teenage daughter has not stopped crying, but it's the best thing for Fluffy and I would rather her be taken care of than for something bad happen to her.”

Lafortune said threats to harm the deer have increased in the past week.

“Somebody messaged us (Tuesday night) that they would allow their dogs to attack her and then shoot her in the head,” said Lafortune.

“She has a huge following, and then there is the handful of people that are willing to harm her that ruins it for everyone.”

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