ASH Canada seeks tougher smoking and vaping restrictions in Vernon

Tough smoke rules sought

An anti-smoking organization is seeking tougher restrictions on smoking and vaping in Vernon.

A delegation from Action on Smoking & Health (ASH Canada) is expected to address city council on Monday with a request for enhanced smoking and vaping restrictions.

Executive director Les Hagen says in a package that's part of council's agenda that he would like to see smoking and vaping banned at all outdoor recreation spaces and public events, as well as at hotels, motels, patios and group living facilities.

ASH would also like to align restrictions on all forms of smoking/vaping (tobacco, nicotine, cannabis, and hookah).

The group says smoking contributes to 50,000 annual deaths with an economic cost of $11 billion.

It notes that more than 400,000 Canadian youth had vaped in the last 30 days in a 2018-19 survey.

ASH says youth who vape are at least three times more likely to start smoking tobacco, and for every adult who stops cigarette smoking by vaping, 80 youth vapers begin smoking.

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