Delayed thaw, spring rains prompt flood preparedness reminder from City of Armstrong

Get ready for flooding

The City of Armstrong is encouraging residents to prepare for possible flooding during the spring freshet.

"It is typical for the North Okanagan to experience heavy downpours and thunderstorms throughout the months of May and June," community services manager Warren Smith says in a press release.

"This year, we have been experiencing cooler than normal temperatures, which is delaying the spring freshet."

The annual thaw of snow and ice contributes to increased water levels in Meighan and Deep creeks.

"The problematic combination of a delayed snow melt with high precipitation events and/or extreme heat events could lead to flooding," the city warns.

Throughout freshet, the city monitors weather and snowpacks, and monitors creek levels and flows while keeping an eye on areas of traditional flooding.

Property owners are encouraged to take appropriate action as they are responsible for their own flood mitigation efforts. This includes but is not limited to:

• Sandbagging
• Removing items that may cause obstructions to stream flow or block culverts
• Subscribing to flood insurance coverage
• Creating an emergency kit

A free sandbagging station has been set up at the public works yard at the corner of Patterson Avenue and Becker Street.

Residents are also urged keep away from creeks and creek banks during high stream flows.

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