Okanagan Indian Band is taking pro-active measures against potential flooding

OKIB readies for floods

The Okanagan Indian Band has activated its emergency operations centre in response to the spring freshet.

There are also concerns about flooding to damage in the surrounding mountains from last year's White Rock Lake wildfire than burned tens of thousands of hectares of woodland.

The band is currently installing Tiger Dams along Whitemans Creek to prevent flooding impacts.

OKIB has also worked to secure additional resources from the province in the form of Tiger Dams and Gabion Baskets.

A Tiger Dam System consists of elongated flexible tubes which maybe quickly stacked, joined end to end and filled with water. The pyramid shaped structure forms a barrier to protect buildings, resort properties and any other structures prior to the onset of a flood.

Gabion baskets are wire mesh containers made from double twisted, hexagonal woven wire mesh. Once assembled, the baskets are filled on site with durable stone in order to create flexible, permeable, monolithic structures. Gabions can be used to create erosion protection structures.

A sandbag station is being set up at Komasket to utilize the recently purchased sandbag machine.

The band will continue to monitor areas that have been identified in post wildfire hazard assessments as being at risk.

For more information, contact Colleen Marchand at [email protected], or call 250-306-9796.

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