Tutor Doctor Okanagan is offering a wide variety of courses for kids over March break.

Free tutor lessons

Are you looking to keep your kids occupied over March break?

You can sign them up for free workshops throughout the week with classes on reading, coding, first aid basics, drawing, origami, storytelling and fractions 101.

"As someone who believes in giving back, I just wanted to give these out for free," said Tutor Doctor Okanagan owner Gina Cherkowski. "I asked the team who wants to do it, and they all came up with activities.

"I decided it was worth me paying my team to do this. We just won't be collecting any revenue from people who attend it."

Tutor Doctor is an education company that provides tutoring support for kids and adult learners in Kelowna, Vernon and across the Okanagan.

Cherkowski said her clientele ranges widely, from kids in Grade 1 to adults looking to further their education.

They do everything from literacy training to coding, computer science, chemistry, biology and physics.

Cherkowski has been a teacher for a long time and grew up in Vernon, so she knows how hard the last couple of years have been on students.

"Honestly, schools have been a really hard place to be this year, and I just thought a lot of kids love coding, Oragami, art and just ways to be creative," said Cherkowski.

"I wanted to make this free because I know a lot of parents are trying to find things for their kids to do over spring break, and I didn't want any barriers, so I thought, let's just let everyone do it."

The Oragami courses and coding are two that Tutor Doctor feels will be big hits amongst the kids.

"One of the things I know from my research is that kids that struggle with fractions typically struggle with algebra later and all the way up to calculus," said Cherkowski

"I have done a lot of research on some of the stress points, and fractions are one of them, so I put together two workshops on fractions for kids."

If you wish to join in or have your kids hop into any of next week's classes, you can visit Eventbrite for a list of dates, times and what topic you're looking for. There are classes the following week as well.

The course will be over zoom, and after signing up, you will be given a meeting code to join.

If you are looking for more than the free classes and want to continue your tutoring, you can visit their website.

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