Vernon trucker tells why he crossed country in Freedom Convoy to protest in Ottawa

Vernon voice from protest

A Vernon trucker who crossed the country to take part in the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa says all it would take to end the occupation of the nation's capital is for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sit down and talk with the group.

"We would rather be home with our families," Jeff Gaudry told CTV Ottawa in a video interview.

"But Mr. Trudeau has ignored every other attempt to get our message across."

Asked what next after a week of protest in the streets, Gaudry said all the group is seeking "is a plan to get Canada out of this."

Gaudry said he knows things won't change overnight, but that "the proof is in the pudding ... mandates and (vaccine) passports just aren't effective anymore."

Gaudry said he came across the country to make a point.

"People are losing their jobs, kids can't go to school, communities are not connected anymore," he said.

Travelling across Canada, he said "the unity created by this is just amazing."

People want change, he emphasized – "not just the 10% who are unvaccinated ... we want it to be over."

While Gaudry said he is just a member of the convoy and not an official spokesman, he said Trudeau should "acknowledge the scenario" rather than point out "a few isolated negative incidents that didn't represent the convoy."

He said convoy members themselves have condemned those acts and that the truckers have "a commitment and a code we're travelling by."

He said Trudeau is "not being a leader" by ignoring the protest.

Watch the full 14-minute interview here.

– with files from CTV News

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