Coldest Night of the Year still to come for Canadian Mental Health Association fundraiser

'Coldest Night of the Year'

The weather may be warmer than recently, but the Coldest Night of the Year is still to come.

That being the Canadian Mental Health Association's Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser on Feb. 26.

The event aims to raise $40,000 to support CMHA Vernon's nutrition and housing programs.

Organizers are encouraging people to take part virtually by doing your own walk.

You can "walk in the comfort of your own neighbourhood on the day of the walk or during the week most convenient to you," CMHA says.

Teams of walkers collect pledges that will support local charities which serve people experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness.

You can form a team with family, friends or work colleagues – whatever suits your COVID bubble.

To register or donate, go to https://cnoy.org/location/vernon.

CMHA Vernon offers a "community of support" for individuals and families living with mental health challenges, from youth programs to housing to education to employment to psychosocial rehabilitation.

"We help everyone in our community find the best type of care or service to match their need.

"CMHA is dedicated to mental wellness, and housing stability is a key component of health. Adequate, suitable and affordable housing contributes to our physical and mental well-being. It leads to increased personal safety and helps decrease stress, leading to improved sleep and diet. All of these factors result in better mental health outcomes," the organization says.

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