Kelowna resident offering refurbished trophies to any organizations that need them

Need a trophy builder?

After refurbishing more than 200 trophies for the Vernon BMX Club, a retired trophy builder in Kelowna is welcoming organizations to reach out to him for their trophy needs.

The BMX Club put out a call to the community last October, for anyone who could help refurbish their old trophies for the racing season, and Kelowna resident Joe Bedard stepped up.

“Joe’s hard work has gifted our Club enough trophies to last this season and seasons to come. We will be able to present these awesome awards to very deserving kids and that means a great deal to us,” said Lisa Fogel of the BMX Club.

“So far, I've refurbished, recycled and fixed about 250 trophies,” said Bedard.

Once a month, Trophy Den in Kelowna donates their returns to Bedard and he refurbishes them for those who need trophies.

“I take them all home to my shop and fix them up. I don’t want to throw them out, It gives me something to do - I’m retired.” said Bedard.

Bedard says now that he’s finishing up his work with the BMX Club, he’s searching for any organizations that he can help refurbish trophies for.

Any organizations that are looking for a trophy builder can contact Bedard at 250-212-9602 or email at [email protected].

Along with Bedard, the Men's Shed Vernon also stepped up for the BMX Club. They offered their trophy building expertise and are planning to host future trophy building workshops for the club in their facility.

“These trophies will create a memory that will never be lost. I still have my very first trophy. It will give each rider a feeling of 'wow I did that," said Club President Shylo Orchard.

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