Precautionary water quality advisory follows emergency repairs in Lavington

Water advisory for Duteau

Greater Vernon Water advises customers in the Duteau water supply area that a precautionary water quality advisory is in effect until sampling results confirm the water is safe to drink.

The advisory follows an emergency water main repair in Lavington that caused extremely low flows at the Duteau Water Treatment Plant.

This impacted treatment, and while all of the water was treated with chlorine and clarification, the low flows resulted in some water in the system not receiving UV treatment.

Crews repaired the failed air valve Monday morning and have begun filling the water main again.

For customers who were without water, service should return to normal this afternoon.

The Duteau service area covers much of Coldstream and Vernon.

Most Duteau customers were temporarily switched to the Kalamalka supply and will be returned to Duteau supply later today, GVW advises.

The water utility expects the advisory will be rescinded by the end of the week if all sample results are good.

As service is restored, you may experience some turbidity, which is normal. Run a bathtub or tap until the water runs clear.

Until the advisory is rescinded, customers should exercise caution, especially young children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, and may choose to boil their water for at least one minute.

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