Vernon historian has unearthed old footage of Kelowna from 74 years ago

Summer vibe circa 1948

The Second World War had been over for three years and life was getting back to normal for most Canadians.

Kelowna had a population of just 8,000 people, the floating bridge was still years away and people were crossing Okanagan Lake by ferry.

Vernon-based historian and videographer Francois Arseneault recovered black and white and colour film of life in Kelowna circa 1948.

“The airport is brand new and features a 3,000-foot grass strip, television won't arrive for another nine years and condo towers are not yet part of our lexicon,” said Arseneault.

“Life seemed a little slower then. This charming reel captures that summer wonderfully, the ferry on the lake, a picnic at the beach, grandpa lawn bowling, grandma tending her flower garden, a visit to Kelowna Rose Garden.”
Today, many of the children in the film would be well into their late 70s or early 80s.

Arseneault said the film was “rescued from a second-hand store” in Vancouver. He then converted it to a digital format.

Arseneault is always looking for more information on the vintage footage he digs up, and he encourages people to add their input in the comments section on his Youtube page.

Arseneault has an extensive collection of vintage footage, and he is always looking for more.

He currently has more than 1,000 episodes from 54 countries dating back to 1917.

Anyone who may have old 16 mm or 8 mm film footage is invited to email Arseneault at [email protected]

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