Someone posting bathroom stall photos online from Vernon's W.L. Seaton Secondary

Bathroom photos a concern

Concern is being raised over photos taken in a Vernon high school bathroom being posted to social media.

Someone at W.L. Seaton Secondary School is taking pictures of students while they’re using bathroom stalls and posting them online.

An Instagram account showing photos of students' feet was brought to Castanet's attention by a concerned relative of a student.

As of Thursday, the page had 14 posts with 90 followers, and follows 79 people.

The photos on the page are of shoes worn by individuals using the bathroom stalls. In some images, you can see that the subjects' pants are pulled down.

Students are "freaked out" by the sharing of the images, the source said.

"My (family member was) worried to go to the washroom at school so bad that (they were) holding it in for two hours ... until I picked (them) up at the school," the relative said.

The person responsible for taking and posting the photos appears to be following the students into the bathroom and sneaking photos, they added.

"I think this needs to be brought to more attention, and these students need to be found accountable."

Principal Jeff Huggins said the school has dealt with various sites over time, but that he was not aware of this specific instagram account.

Huggins said he will be looking into the situation, along with School District 22 Supt. Christine Perkins.

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