Vernon byelection candidate Art Gourley advocates for treatment centre

Gourley pushes for centre

Castanet has given each of the Vernon council byelection candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves on video and present their reasons for running.

Former mayoral candidate Art Gourley is taking another run at municipal politics.

Gourley ran for mayor in 2019, losing to current mayor Victor Cumming.

“I just feel now is the time for me. Being a senior, I can help seniors and young people,” said Gourley. “I have some good ideas for the City of Vernon.”

Gourley says he would like to see a drug treatment centre built in the city instead of a cultural centre.

“A lot of people have died over drugs, and we need a treatment centre. I've talked to a couple of people who have gone through treatment centres, and they work,” he says.

“Saving one life is a miracle. If we save a whole bunch of lives, that's a whole bunch of miracles.”

The byelection was called earlier this year after the passing of former Coun. Dalvir Nahal.

Election night is Dec. 4.

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