North Okangan kennel operator, breeder had more than a dozen animals seized

Won't get seized dogs back

A Coldstream woman will not have her dogs returned, following an investigation by the BC SPCA.

Monika McIntosh, who has operated All My Children Pet Boarding Kennels since 2011, filed an appeal to have her dogs returned after their seizure, but the appeal was denied by the British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board.

McIntosh also bred dogs at the facility.

According to the BCFI, 15 dogs and four puppies were seized from McIntosh’s property on Sept. 10, 2021. A dog named Wooky died later that day, and a puppy died on Sept. 22.

Another dog gave birth to four puppies on Oct. 26, 2021. One puppy had to be euthanized two days later.

Before the appeal hearing, the SPCA still had 14 dogs and six puppies in protective custody.

Along with not returning the dogs, the panel decided that McIntosh is liable for the full amount of costs ($17,951.59) for the animals' care while in custody.

The SPCA was informed of the “horrible and deplorable” living conditions of the dogs by another woman living on McIntosh’s property.

The report states on Sept. 8 the woman told SPCA officer Daniel Chapman that she observed feces and urine inside the house and smelled a strong odour.

McIntosh declined Chapman's request to inspect the property, stating he would need a search warrant. On Sept. 10, Chapman returned with the warrant.

Officials found some of the dogs in need of medical care, including dental work and had long nails and matted coats.

BC SPCA chief prevention and enforcement officer Marci Moriarty is quoted in the decision as stating:

"I am saddened to see such unsanitary and hazardous conditions which you yourself and these small dogs had to contend with. I am deeply concerned by the volume of feces and urine throughout as well as the buildup of garbage in various areas of the house. The garbage and general clutter pose a significant risk to these small dogs in particular. The conditions are simply dismal and perhaps at one time you were able to manage the kennels, your home and the animals in your care, but currently it is simply unsafe. It appears that all animals in your care, whether boarded or otherwise, seemed to have suffered a general lack of care, whether that was an access to clean drinking water, suitable food or adequate shelter."

McIntosh said she had a regular cleaner, but could not continue that service during the COVID pandemic.

She disputed the reasons for seizing the dogs, but lost her appeal of their confiscation.

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