MLA Harwinder Sandhu said there are plans to upgrade the Vernon courthouse, not to replace it

Aging courthouse to stay

The Vernon Courthouse is a majestic fixture in the city.

It is also 107 years old, but there are no plans to replace it. Upgrades however are on the agenda.

Former Vernon Supreme Court Justice Frank Cole met with local NDP MLA Harwinder Sandhu to express some of his concerns regarding the aging building that he worked in for many years.

Sandhu has passed those concerns along to the appropriate members of the party, but said there are no plans for a new court house.

Sandhu said the province has made a commitment for “continued investment” in the courthouse.

Plans have already been approved to make the building more energy efficient, and to upgrade the HVAC system.

That work is expected to be completed next year.

In April 2019, an air conditioning unit malfunctioned, sending water into the second-floor conference room as well as the downstairs sheriff’s office.

A section of the building was closed for some time as repairs were made.

Sandhu said a report identified that “the courthouse has several building deficiencies...and the Vernon courthouse was a location to be addressed” by the province.

Sandhu said those deficiencies could be repaired rather than replacing the entire building.

“It does have several deficiencies, but a model indicated it is meeting current and future requirements,” said Sandhu, adding the province “is constantly assessing” the needs of the court house.

“A report indicated it doesn't need to be fully replaced.”
Sandhu said Cole also brought up some safety concerns which she has passed on to the appropriate ministries within the government.

“As the MLA it is my job to continue addressing those concerns Mr. Cole raised and to find ways to make these improvements,” she said.

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