150 cubic metres of potential wildfire fuel removed from Canadian Lakeview Estates

Fire danger cleaned up

More than 150 cubic metres of potential wildfire fuel has been removed from Vernon's Canadian Lakeview Estates neighbourhood.

Local waste removal company Dump Runz donated the use of several brush bins along the far end of Tronson Road, to allow residents to remove flammable material from the area.

The intent was to reduce the fuel load on one of the most wooded and exposed areas of Vernon, company owner Scott Anderson said in a press release.

The area had been under evacuation alert for much of the summer, as it is located directly across Okanagan Lake from where the White Rock Lake wildfire was burning.

In consultation with the homeowner’s association and City of Vernon, four large bins were deployed Sept. 17, and several were emptied and returned over the next few days.

"Numerous homeowners banded together and worked hard collecting and filling bins," says Anderson.

"The success of this effort speaks to the success of private companies working in co-operation with the community to solve problems and help the city’s bottom line,” said Anderson, who is also a city councillor.

"Whether it’s helping to solve fire problems, sponsoring events, donating items or labour, there’s a great deal of goodwill out there waiting to be harnessed. I’d like to see the city pursue this initiative and build a database of companies willing and able to help in periods of crisis, but also with smaller things on a more regular basis."

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