Vernon city council could approve two new Tourism Vernon staff positions

Tourism hopes for new staff

Tourism Vernon is requesting that city council approve the Tourism Commission's recommendations of adding two new staff positions.

The positions include a visitor services and community specialist as well as a digital marketing specialist.

The creation of the new positions would be funded completely through the Municipal and Regional District Tax for the delivery of mobile visitor services, enhanced engagement with small accommodation providers and businesses/stakeholders, and oversee the summer Visitor Services team.

The economic and development tourism team says the creation of a digital marketing specialist would provide both cost and coordination efficiencies for Tourism Vernon.

This role would be responsible for the development and delivery of digital content across all of Tourism Vernon's digital channels including websites and social media, coordinate electronic newsletters to stakeholders and prospective visitors, assist in the collection and analysis of digital platform analytics, and provide recommendations on the use of new and emerging platforms.

The visitor services and community specialist role would coordinate the sale of advertising in the annual visitor guide, administer Tourism Vernon's co-op marketing program, support tourism attendance at trade shows, and assist with hosting media and familiarization tours.

In January of 2021 council approved the Commission’s recommendation to continue the closure of the visitor centre in favour of a mobile model.

The economic and development tourism team added that despite a difficult summer season involving a combination of the pandemic, limited community events, extreme temperatures, smoke, and wildfires, the first season for the mobile team helped to prove the case for the switch to mobile visitor services.

The team spoke with more than 2,500 visitors to provide a broad range of visitor information, recommendations to local attractions and businesses, and community information between late May and the end of August.

This request for two additional staff members as part of the 2022 tourism budget would increase Tourism Vernon's staffing complement from three full time equivalents to five full time equivalents.

Vernon city council will vote on the addition of two new staff members in the regular meeting Monday afternoon.

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