Vernon residents show their support to the fire crews stationed at the Kin Race Track

Cheering on firefighters

Victoria Femia

Fire crews battling the White Rock Lake wildfire are being welcomed back from their long days on the fire line in the best way possible.

Across from the fire camp which has been set up at the Kin Race Track site, Vernon residents are chanting and cheering with signs in hand as the men and women fighting fires return from their long days and send off the ones who are just getting their shift started.

For more than a week, the residents have gathered between 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. as the fire crews change shifts for the day.

With tired smiles on their faces, the firefighters wave, cheer and honk their horns to the people as they are welcomed back to their temporary home at the camp.

“We just want to be able to support everybody that’s coming out helping us fight the fires in town, it’s the worst Vernon’s ever been hit and closest to home, so, it’s kind of a huge deal to make sure everybody has the support,” said supporter Kelsee Knowlan.

Two young girls were spotted in the crowd holding two signs, one read “Thank you Daddy for putting out fires,” and the other read, “Thank you firefighters for fighting the fires.”

Knowlan added this fire hits close to home for her, as her family members have been affected by the blaze.

“My children's grandfather and their uncle actually live out at Westside (Road), their houses have escaped the flames, barely, thus far, so personally, it’s very close to home for me,” said Knowlan.

The residents plan to come out to support the fire crews as long as this fire situation continues.

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