No rain in long-range forecast as wildfires continue to burn the BC Interior

There's no rain in sight

Normally, a summer forecast of warm temperatures and sunny skies would be a good thing – but with wildfires raging across the B.C. Interior, some rain would sure be nice.

However, it doesn't look like the region will be seeing any liquid sunshine any time soon.

Environment Canada meteorologist Bobby Sekhon says there is nothing but sunny skies in the near future.

“We are not seeing any substantial rain forecast for the Okanagan,” Sekhon said Wednesday, adding there may be a few isolated thunder showers, but no significant amount of rain is expected.

“Generally speaking, it is looking fairly dry for the next week to 10 days, if not longer.”

Temperatures are expected to cool a little bit – highs for the next week are predicted to be in the 32 C range.

Those lower temperatures will help slow wildfires, but with them comes the risk of winds, which is not good for the wildfire situation.

“It's very hard to catch a break these days,” said Sekhon.

There is some rain in Northern B.C., and a chance that front could turn southward and reach the Southern Interior, however it is not very likely to happen, he adds.

Rain is not only needed to help the wildfire situation, but also to fill lakes and reservoirs as drought conditions persist across Southern B.C.

An unprecedented heat wave last month brought temperatures as high as 49 C for days on end, drastically drying out area forests and putting a strain on water supplies.

Numerous communities throughout the lower half of the province have implemented water restrictions – and without rain, tighter restrictions are likely.

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