Vernon city council approved the 'kill to scare' program to handle the city's goose problem

'Kill to scare' a go

Vernon city council is cracking down on the city's goose problem with a ‘kill to scare’ program.

Initially council intended on pursuing a goose cull but they were told earlier this year that federal agencies are too busy to approve a cull this year "due to the complexity of the permit and the lack of resources required to review and approve the complex application."

The ‘kill to scare’ program offers a cheaper option but may not be as effective as a full-on cull.

This technique removes the socially dominant goose from a flock to scare the others off.

"When the dominant goose is removed ... The remainder of the flock tends to disperse and leave the area in smaller groups," a report to council states.

The program is expected to begin sometime this year and will continue annually and further in the approved motion, regular turf cleanups on beaches will be administered.

Coun. Kari Gares advised council about complaints she received regarding the beaches being tainted with goose feces.

She said that with the heat wave taking over the city the beaches are being used more and the geese are becoming more of an issue.

Gares made a friendly amendment to allocate up to $15,000 in 2021 to increase beach cleaning and the another $15,000 to the ‘kill to scare’ program.

Her motion was passed by council.

The goose cull would have costed council $40,000 to complete.

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