Splatsin Kukpi7 and Secwépemc Tribal Chief said Canada needs to take responsibility for residential schools

'Canada needs to heal'

Canada has a lot of healing to do on many fronts.

Splatsin Kukpi7 and Secwépemc Tribal Chief Wayne Christian said people are readying themselves for more horrors to emerge from the nation's residential school aftermath.

“We need to brace ourselves as they continue to uncover the evidence of cultural genocide and know that this is just the beginning of the findings in Canada,” said Christian, adding the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at residential schools across the country will “will trigger and heighten existing trauma.

“Our people are struggling right now in a real emotional way. If you don't understand it what it is, is post traumatic stress disorder.”

The road to healing will be long.

“Healing and what we need to do, we will take responsibility for that. Canadians and Canada needs to take responsibility for their part of it,” Christian told Castanet. “Canada needs to heal itself as well. A lot of people didn't know, didn't understand what happened at residential schools.”

Christian said a different Canadian history has emerged with the horrific discoveries.

“The discovery and uncovering of these bodies has shown Canada a history we always knew,” he said. “It is really important that Canadians need to heal themselves from the hurt and pain and anger that they feel. They need to take their emotion and turn it into action.

“It's really important for Canada to stand up and acknowledge us.”

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