Vernon bike expert Bruce Mol discusses what trailer may be best for you

Let's talk bike trailers

Vernon's resident cycling expert has some trailer advice for those using pedal power to get around.

Bruce Mol is an avid cyclist, expert instructor, author, course developer and star of his own YouTube channel, Think Bicycle.

Mol has produced several cycling-related videos and today he is talking about towing a trailer with your pedal bike.

“There are two types of trailers in this world: those meant for carrying children and those meant for transporting cargo,” said Mol, who has included links on his YouTube channel to a variety of available trailers.

Mol discusses the many things to consider when buying a trailer for carry children such as weight, price, trailer type and other helpful hints.

He also goes over some useful information for anyone looking for a cargo trailer and even discusses the pros and cons of a variety of trailer hitches.

Mol has used his cargo trailer to haul everything from camping gear to Christmas trees to a microwave oven.

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