Jacqueline Rivard incoming president at Kalamalka Rotary Club

Rivard to lead Rotary

Leadership is changing hands at Vernon's Kalamalka Rotary Club.

Jacqueline Rivard will step into the role as club president for 2021-2022 on July 1.

“I’m excited for Jacqueline to take the reins of the club. She has a lot of community minded ideas, and has lots of ideas for our club as we return to fellowship,” says outgoing president Dustin Sadnyk.

“Her leadership will be highly impactful this year as we as a community work towards normalcy as we come out of the pandemic.”

Rivard joined Rotary seven years ago, following the footsteps of her father, Larry.

“My dad ... was a member of Kalamalka Rotary for years, and as a kid, being invited to attend lunches and participate in community events made me appreciate Vernon and the connections I was building growing up here,” said Rivard.

Rivard’s duties as president include appointing committee chairs and members, conducting club assemblies, creating a budget and managing club finances, developing a safe environment for youth participants, and working with the district governor and assistant governor.

“Being able to step into a leadership role and become more involved in all that our club does will not only reinforce my love for Rotary, but it will also grow my connections with our members and our community. Our members join Rotary for many different reasons, but what tends to keep us there is fellowship,” says Rivard.

Her main focus as president will be youth services, fellowship and engagement.

“The last year has been tough for so many reasons, and for us as a group that is used to meeting weekly in person, reconnecting and engaging with each other and our community is so important. We can't wait to be able to get back to in-person meetings," says Rivard.

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