Licensed cannabis retailer, Spiritleaf ready to begin offering home delivery on July 15

Spiritleaf is ready to deliver

Victoria Femia

Two years after the legalization of marijuana, licensed cannabis retailers are now able to offer home delivery of non-medical marijuana.

“We’re very much looking forward to home delivery. We anticipated this being available when we first opened almost two years ago,” said franchise owner of Spiritleaf Vernon, Sarah Ballantyne.

“So it’s been almost two and a half years since legalization to get home delivery, but we’re very much looking forward to it.”

Spiritleaf, which is celebrating its second anniversary on July 1, operates the most cannabis stores under one single brand in Canada and plans on opening their 100th store in July.

According to Ballantyne, ordering through the provincial online delivery system products could be delivered anytime between one to seven days.

Ballantyne says Spiritleaf will offer same day delivery and products could be delivered within two hours of order completion.

She also believes that this could help combat consumers purchasing from illicit markets, given the convenience of the same day home delivery.

“I think we will gain a few more customers from the illicit market because they are using mail order marijuana services now,” says Ballantyne.

Their delivery range will be throughout Vernon and as far as Armstrong.

The province also eliminated the need for security verification upon hiring an employee.

Ballantyne says it will be a much quicker hiring process without the security verification, because with it, the new employee would have to wait up to three months before they can start work, to see if they get approved.

Now, without it, the employee can start right away.

Cannabis home delivery will begin on July 15, throughout the province.

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