Access to Kalamalka Lake may eventually max out capacity, says Coldstream mayor

Lake future looks crowded

It may not always be so easy to launch a boat on Kalamalka Lake.

Coldstream Mayor Jim Garlick says increased pressure on lake capacity could lead to long waits at launches in the future.

Garlick made the comment during this week's regional town hall Zoom meeting, hosted by the Greater Vernon Chamber.

Garlick was asked about plans to increase public access to the lake.

And, while he did say there is a "long-term plan," he said increased access has to be balanced with the ability of the lake to hold more and more users.

"We don't want it to become a dump," he said.

Meanwhile, development cost charges on new projects help fund acquisition of potential lakefront sites.

The increasing popularity of paddleboarding and kayaking, in addition to boating, has fuelled demand for more access to the water.

Meanwhile, Kal Lake is one of the region's main drinking water sources.

"For us to satisfy everyone ... there will always be a need. We will never reach that point. We do what we can," said Garlick.

"There will come a time you have to wait your turn."

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