Twin roundabouts get majority approval from Vernon drivers, cyclists

Driving in circles popular

If comments on social media are any indication, the double roundabouts installed by the City of Vernon are a hit.

A post on the Vernon & Area Community Forum asked people what they thought of the pair of traffic circles that are part of the 29th/30th Street Corridor project that officially opened earlier this year.

People were asked if they thought the multi-million project was worth the expense and it is a benefit to the motoring public?

The majority of people had words of praise for the roadwork.

“Best thing I've seen to improve traffic flow in this town in ages,” said one response to the question.

“Worth every penny. Super easy to get from East Hill to downtown without dealing with 27 st and 30/32/35 Ave intersections. Easy to get to Hwy 97. Easy to get to Alexis Park. Easy to get to Village Green Mall. Easy,” said another.

Another post stated, “I like the new roundabouts. The traffic flows more smoothly (and with less emissions) without all the vehicles stopping and starting and the new signals definitely make cycling safer.”

But of course, not everyone is fond of the new road system.

Some complained about the cost - “I would like to know how many thousands/millions of our tax dollars the city decided to spend on this awful mess.”

Added another post said, “Doesn’t seem as though it was necessary to make it so elaborate.”

There were also some concerns about people not knowing how to use them properly.

This $5.8 million project was funded jointly by the City of Vernon Development Cost Charges, Sanitary Utility Funding, Greater Vernon Water, ICBC Road Improvement Program grants ($116,900), and a Federal Gas Tax Infrastructure grant ($2.39 million).

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