Bear spotted in Armstrong area several times over past few weeks

Bear seen near schools

A bear has been spotted near an Armstrong school.

“I saw a bear ... walking down Colony Avenue and turn down Colony Street" about 12:30 p.m. Thursday, a resident told Castanet in an email.

They contacted conservation service as well as nearby Len Wood Elementary School.

Posts on the Armstrong Community Information Facebook page also show a bear in the parking lot of Pleasant Valley Secondary School.

Several other posts show a bear in different locations around the community.

It's not confirmed to be the same animal, but bear sightings in Armstrong have been reported now for several weeks.

In many of the posts, dating back to early April, pictures show a similar-looking cinnamon-coloured black bear in residential areas.

Castanet has reached out to the conservation service for comment.

For years, conservation officers have been urging people to not leave any attractants, like garbage, where a bear can access it. Bird feeders are also a source of food for bears.

Garbage-habituated bears can't be rehabilitated and must be put down.

A Sechelt man was recently fined $900 under the BC Wildlife Act for attracting dangerous wildlife to a premise.

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