Artist at Vernon's Caetani House has exploded onto international scene

Soaring to new heights

Raven Zeller nearly deleted the opportunity of a lifetime.

The artist received an email on April 1 saying her work had been selected to appear in a prestigious magazine.

Given the date she received the email, Zeller initially thought the offer from Vanity Fair UK was a prank, but after a little research, she realized the offer was legit.

Zeller, who has been at the Caetani Cultural Centre in Vernon since last December, describes herself as an “intuitive experimental abstract expressionism” artist and her bold art caught the attention of the magazine, who then sought her out with the desire to publish her work in three editions.

“I'm still in a little bit of shock to be honest,” said Zeller who has an online presence through various formats.

And it was on the World Wide Web that brought her to the attention of Vanity Fair.

“I did not reach out to Vanity Fair, they contacted me,” she said of the April Fools Day email. “They came across my work online and they liked what they saw and reached out to me. I was really honoured.”

Zeller's work will be featured among other global artists. Her work was featured in the May issue and will be in the June and July/August editions.

And her work appearing in Vanity Fair has gained attention around the world.

“An art gallery in Milan, Italy saw the feature and they reached out to me and three of my works are in a show in Milan right now,” she said.

World of Interior, an prestigious international magazine, is also going to feature her work for three months. House and Garden has also contacted Zeller about showing her work.

“It all started with that one Vanity Fair feature, I'm still in shock,” said Zeller.

“I do mixed media art. It varies depending on my mood and which way the wind is blowing that day. I use a lot of different mediums. It's a bit if a witches brew what I throw together on canvass.”

Zeller said being at the Caetani House feeds into her artistic inspiration.

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