City of Vernon awaiting senior government approval of planned goose cull

Goose cull awaits approval

The City of Vernon is awaiting senior government approval of a planned goose cull.

A report to council notes the city’s goose control contractor has completed a goose management plan and submitted it to both the provincial and federal governments in anticipation of the proposed cull.

Provided the application is approved by the governing agencies, the cull is scheduled to proceed later this year, the report adds.

The city has plans to kill at least 100 Canada Geese at a cost of up to $40,000 following years of growth in the resident goose population and complaints that they foul parks and beaches.

The cull is expected take three to four weeks to complete, at sites including Paddlewheel, Lakeshore and Kin parks.

A valleywide egg addling (shaking) program hasn't slowed the birds' population growth in Vernon.

The cull is opposed by two petitions.

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