Most of the B.C. Interior are paying around 138.9 per litre

Gas takes a jump

It was too good to last.

While motorists from other communities in the region were digging deep to pay for a litre of gas in the past couple of weeks, Vernon motorists were saving a bundle at the pump.

However, the good times appear to be over with gas stations in Vernon making the jump to 138.9, catching up with the rest of the B.C. Interior.

Motorists tell Castanet that even Super Save Gas, which had been selling petrol for 125.9, has boosted the price at the pump to 138.9.

According to gasbuddy.com, Ft. St. John has the cheapest gas in the province at a 'mere' 120.9.

Gas in Kamloops is 139.9, while Kelowna drivers are saving a penny per litre at 138.9.

In Penticton, the liquid gold is going for 136.9 to 138.9.

Motorists in the provincial capital are digging deep with Victoria gas stations sitting at a whopping 155.9.

Most stations in Vancouver of selling for 155.9, with some going the extra penny at 156.9.

Our Calgary cousins are getting by at 127.9, while the nation's capital is seeing Ottawa drivers shelling out between 124.9 to 127.9.

Across the border in Seattle, Wash. motorists are paying $3.79 a gallon, which is approximately 95 cents per litre.

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