Several abandoned docks dot shores of Wood Lake

Beached docks a mystery

UPDATE: 9:25 a.m.

A pile driving company says it is waiting on permits to remove one of its floating platforms that is beached at the north end of Wood Lake.

A spokesman says the platform will be moved once the necessary permits are received.

"We will obviously move it sooner if the district wants," the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the source of other docks beached in Oyama is not known.

ORIGINAL: 4 a.m.

The District of Lake Country is working with a private crane operator to remove several docks on the northern shores of Wood Lake.

Some have been there for years, others have appeared more recently. Where they came from is unknown.

Not far from the Oyama boat launch, at least four abandoned docks or floating platforms can be seen, in various states of repair.

"Over the years, there has been all sorts rubbish from truckloads of garden waste, furniture, human waste from campers, old tires and even discarded animal carcasses dumped in and around the boat launch area," said one concerned resident.

"(It's) usually cleaned up by the district or some Good Samaritan.

"But the strangest things are these docks that have been showing up over the years."

District of Lake Country spokesperson Ruth Sulentich says the municipality is aware of the docks, and confirms they are not publicly owned structures.

Sulentich says the parks department "is working with a crane operator to remove the docks at some point when the water level is high. Timing of removal is unknown at this time."

She adds it's not known whether the docks were dumped or broke loose in a storm and drifted to the north end of the lake.

While the docks' origins remain a mystery, Wood Lake is not that large, leaving only so many potential sources.

"It started with the old, wooden one that appeared about 10 years ago ... in the flood of May 2017 it was washed to shore, and there it stays. A couple of years ago, two massive concrete docks appeared and are now permanently beached," says the resident, who regularly walks the area.

"About three weeks ago, there was one of those dock-building barges moored at the boat launch, and a few days later two more of the same concrete docks showed up."

It's not known if those events are related.

In the meantime, some locals have been using the structures for picnicking and fishing, leading to concern over safety and liability.

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