Former Vernon resident Jenny Story has published book two of the Dysnomia trilogy

From autism to author

Book two of a trilogy by a former Vernon resident is ready to read.

Jenny Story, who grew up in Vernon but now calls Vancouver home, just published book two of the Dysnomia series.

The first installation, Dysnomia: Outcasts On A Distant Moon was well received and on May 1, Dysnomia: Home lies in your heart became available on Amazon.

Book two picks up where the first book left off.

“After being together for a long time, Layla Jenkins and Shaine Dawson decide to take their relationship to the next level until he has been kidnapped. Now it is up to Layla to go and rescue him along with the help of her friends. But as the Ex Royal Commander goes to search for the Dark Prince, it brings her back to an old familiar place, which makes her question the decisions that she's made,” said a synopsis of the book on Amazon.

Story is a college graduate, professional animator and best-selling author, but what makes Story more unique is that she lives with autism.

Story's mother, Janet Walmsley, is also an author and in 2015 she wrote a book about what it was like to raise Jenny.

Walmsley said she first noticed Story was different when she was about two. At first, she thought it was her hearing, before eventually coming to the diagnosis of autism.

Story went on to discover art, and drawing became a routine for her as she grew up struggling with extreme social anxiety.

The Clarence Fulton Class of 2011 graduate, attended Vancouver Film School for Animation, and is now a Professional 2D Classical Animator and a 3D Digital Character Animator.

She is also the Autism B.C.’s Self-Advocate of the Year in 2020.

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