Two people seen taking bags full of bottles Jurassik Bark dog rescue intended for bottle drive

Jurassik Bark left growling

Jurassik Bark

Two people were caught on camera stealing from a North Okanagan dog rescue.

Security camera video from Jurassik Bark Senior & Special Needs Dog Rescue Society shows two people taking bags full of bottles intended for the organization's bottle drive.

Jurassik Bark posted video of the April 3 incident to its Facebook page.

The petty theft happened about 9 p.m., and the thieves went back to the yard a second time to take the remainder of the bottles.

They were travelling on foot.

“Jurassik Bark is a non-profit organization that does not receive any type of funding,” founder Kourtnei Miller told Castanet. “We are run entirely by volunteers, so all money raised goes directly to the care of the animals in our program, meaning that the actions of these individuals directly impacts these most deserving dogs.”

The organization can't host any events for fundraising due to the pandemic, so bottle drives, product sales and public donations are all it can rely on.

“Currently, we have 13 dogs in foster homes that we are responsible for – and many of these dogs have medical conditions that cost several hundred dollars a month,” said Miller.

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