GoFundMe for a new wheelchair accessible van for Ana and Zaria Chirkoff

Ana and Zaria need a van

Ana and Zaria Chirkoff, two young sisters who have been diagnosed with a rare condition called pontocerebellar hypoplasia, are in need of a new wheelchair accessible van.

This is a rare condition that affects the development of the brain and can often be fatal in young children. It causes epilepsy to be frequent as well as causes them to very easily injure themselves on anything.

Ana and Zaria’s loving parents, Victor and Cathy Chirkoff, have been diligent in making sure both girls are able to live a happy and healthy life.

In order to make that happen, Ana and Zaria need to keep up with all of their medical appointments which are located in Vancouver, a 6 hour drive for them. A big problem for the Chirkoff family is their way of transportation to and from these appointments, or anywhere they need to go.

Their current van has proven to be a safety concern for them because it does not have all the equipment and space needed in order to safely support Ana and Zaria’s condition.

When the family has to get around, the health care workers also have to travel with the family to help take care of the girls, and the van gets extremely crowded,

“We have all of their luggages, all of their specialized equipment, all of the extra people that have to go with them, and their luggage and equipment.” said Victor Chirkoff. “The van is literally so packed and the girls have a movement disorder so they're bruising their legs, kicking their feet and it’s just very, very stressful.”

Victor and Cathy are constantly keeping up with all of the different pieces of equipment to support Ana and Zaria which can become a financial strain. The types of equipment needed inside their home, alone, can range anywhere from $5,000-$12,000.

Therefore, they are looking to the generosity of the community around them to help donate anything they can to help buy a wheelchair accessible van equipped with the proper equipment to allow them to feel safe when they travel.

“We are so thankful for any help we can get and we are blown away by the support we are receiving and from the bottom of our hearts we just want to say thank you, it means a lot to us,” said Cathy Chirkoff.

Donate or share to their GoFundMe, Ana and Zaria need a new wheelchair van.

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