Dust-up between senior and skateboarder prompts closer look at Armstrong bylaw

Conflict over skateboarding

A report to Armstrong council on bylaw enforcement makes note of a physical confrontation between a senior man and a female youth over skateboarding on the sidewalk.

The report doesn't say when the incident happened, but does say the location was the corner of Okanagan Street and Pleasant Valley Boulevard.

The community services update by manager of community services Warren Smith notes two signs are posted in the area stating "Skateboarders Bicycles & Roller Skates Not Permitted on sidewalk."

The city's traffic and parking bylaw states: "in areas where a traffic control device allows for roller skates/blades, skateboards, sleighs, skis or other similar means of conveyance along any sidewalk or boulevard, (no person shall) act in an unsafe manner such as:

  • weaving in or around pedestrians so as to disturb pedestrian traffic;
  • at any speed so as to be unable to stop quickly;
  • in groups or in such a way that pedestrian traffic is impeded in any way;
  • using objects on or along any sidewalk or boulevard as jumps or to create jumps.

The report notes the bylaw and signs "are in conflict of each other and do not reflect what staff believes was the true intent of public safety or what was council's intent at the time."

The city will be replacing the signs to ensure they meet regulated sign standards and to ensure that the signs are reflective of the bylaw.

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