Ewww ... Bella Vista bags appearing to contain vomit dumped on street again

The puke bags are back

Vernon's serial vomit bag dumper appears to be back in action along Bella Vista Road.

After several months of puke-free streets, grocery bags that appear to contain vomit have started showing up again.

Left in the middle of the street or on the shoulder, the bags inevitably get run over by vehicles, spilling their foul contents, which then is picked at by birds.

The bags first started showing up in 2019, and have been spotted all the way along Bella Vista, from near downtown to Tronson Road, and across the valley in the Fulton area.

It's believed the bags are dumped from a moving vehicle.

Dozens of the bags have been left over the past two years, yet who is responsible remains unknown.

However, a police spokesman says the bags may not contain vomit, after all.

Const. Chris Terleski says, while he can't speak to the most recent incidents, they sound similar to one that he was directly involved in investigating last summer.

Anecdotal reports at the time were that the bags likely contained restaurant waste of some sort.

"Investigations have been undertaken in attempts to identify the parties responsible for disposing of the bags, however, no suspects have ever been identified," said Terleski.

Police encourage anyone with information to come forward.

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