Brazen morning theft at Lumby restaurant on Friday

'Devastated' by theft

The owner of What the Fry in Lumby is “devastated” after a brazen morning theft.

Mark McMillan says at around 9:30 a.m. Friday, a man walked into the restaurant through a side door of the building and stole the money box.

“He came in, scouted the place for a quick 20 seconds, he looked around, saw the cash box and walked away with it,” said McMillan. “He walked right in. My staff could have been here, you don't know his intentions.”

McMillan said other businesses are concerned about the boldness of the crime, but he is confident the bad guy will be caught.

“This town is very good about finding out people because people go to the beer store and butcher store and pubs and somebody will recognize him,” said McMillan, adding he is offering a $500 for information on the thief.

“You can't hide in this town. There are so many businesses here with video cameras.”

McMillan has contacted the RCMP.

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