Springs from huge pile of mattresses will eventually be recycled

Springs will be recycled

Anyone who has disposed of a mattress or box spring at the Vernon landfill lately knows there is a $10 fee on each item.

They may also have noticed a huge pile of mattresses and box springs at one of the upper plateaus.

Officials with the Regional District of North Okanagan, which is in charge of the landfill, assure mattresses and box springs are being recycled as stated.

“In our ongoing effort to divert as much waste from the landfill as possible, we remove metal springs from mattresses to recycle the metal and make the remaining foam and fabric easier to compact, thus saving space in the landfill. And, to save more space, boxsprings are crushed before being buried. The RDNO pays a contractor a fee per mattress to deconstruct the units. The remaining foam and fabric are hauled a few times per year when the pile gets large,” said an email from the regional district.

There currently are no programs in the region to recycle the mattress materials left behind after springs are removed, but the province has released a policy intentions paper that discusses expanding recycling and recovery that mentions mattresses.

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