Men's Shed Vernon is looking for a larger space to meet its growing needs

Men need a bigger shed

Men’s Shed Vernon is shopping for a shop.

The Men's Shed Vernon is a collection of mostly retired gentlemen who get together several times a week to build a variety of wood products. They use their woodworking skills to the benefit of other local organizations.

And the group has grown to the point they need a bigger shed.

Since starting up three years ago, the group has attracted more than 40 members, acquired an impressive collection of shop equipment and have completed dozens of community projects for local non-profit groups.

Elephant Storage has hosted MSV since it started, but the group has outgrown the space provided.

“As a new society, the local Men’s Shed has raised funds for rent, but now need to find a suitable location,” said member Ray Verlage, adding ideally, the new meeting space would be at least 2,500 square feet with parking for about 15 vehicles.

The group plans to use the new location for two-to-four years while they raise funds to acquire a permanent shed.

“Men’s Shed always welcomes new members. If you’re a guy who would appreciate friendship centred around a wood and metal workshop, willing to share your skills or learn new ones, or just for a coffee, drop us a note,” said Verlage.

To contact the group about a new work space, or to sign up, click here.

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