Vernon Aquatic Centre to fully reopen Tuesday after water leak forced closure

Pool reopens tomorrow

The Vernon Aquatic Centre will fully reopen Tuesday morning after a water leak shut it down on Feb. 15.

The lap and leisure pools and hot tub were shut down due to the leak, which compromised the centre's electrical components.

“As soon as the leak was identified, the system’s components were shut down, dried, and cleaned in an attempt to prevent further damage,” aquatics manager Gary Lefebvre said in a city press release Monday evening.

“The lap pool system was able to be restarted, however, replacement parts had to be ordered for the leisure pool and hot tub systems.”

New parts ordered from the United States were installed over the weekend.

“We hoped to be up and running within a couple days of the temporary closure, but unfortunately we experienced shipping delays due to winter storm activity in the east,” said Lefebvre.

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