Herd of deer strolls through downtown Vernon

Downtown deer delight

A small herd of deer paid a visit to downtown Vernon on Wednesday.

Dawn Tucker, admin of the Vernon & Area Community Forum on Facebook, shared video and photos of up to 10 deer strolling around the Gateby Place area.

They were seen about 2 p.m. and then headed through Becker Park to the Alexis Park area.

The deer often frequent the city centre park that overlooks downtown.

"Please watch out for them around town," wrote Tucker.

"One of the deer has an injured leg – don’t worry, it can still do OK, it’s just a bit slower, so keep watch as you are around town if you see them so no one runs into them."

"They are fairly calm, but there’s a good number of them ... I’ve watched this herd grow from just a couple deer to this good sized amount in the last few years. Always nice to see them."

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