Water flows through yards on Vernon's Tronson Road Tuesday

'A torrent of water'

Residents living downhill from a massive winery project in Vernon were inundated with water Tuesday.

The winery is being built by Frind Properties, which has cleared hundreds of acres in the Bella Vista hills.

Residents of the Fleming Road area say water from the development is running onto their property.

Last week, resident Gary Walthers told Castanet he witnessed water running in multiple small "rivers" off the property.

“They are flooding us all out here and creating some big problems,” Joharon Road resident Joan Fehr claimed Tuesday.

Fehr said a representative of Frind Properties had been in touch with her, but the problem has yet to be resolved.

Flood water has drained into her pool and garage.

Jack Pannekoek's property borders the work site on Tronson Road, and on Tuesday he says “something let loose,” sending a torrent of water through his backyard and down the driveway onto Tronson Road.

Pannekoek said there have been several incidents since December.

“The neighbours just down from us have had a number of issues,” he claimed.

Pannekoek said representatives from Frind came by to assess the situation.

“They need to do something to control the water,” said Pannekoek, adding a “big concern” is more snow and rain that will add to the water on the hillside, which was stripped of vegetation last year.

Crews were working on containing the water Tuesday morning, and by 12:30 p.m., the water had stopped flowing through Pannekoek's yard.

Frind offered the following comment:

“Due to its location, the Tronson Road area has historically been subject to increased water run-off and flooding. As part of our development we are working with the residents and city to alleviate some of these historic pressures,” said Ruth Hanbury, general manager Frind Winery Ltd.

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