City of Vernon prioritize potential new public lake accesses

New lake access eyed

Vernon city councillors are being encouraged to tour potential public lake access sites so their development can be prioritized.

A report to council recommends a tour of seven high-priority sites be arranged early this year and that administration compile a report on which to develop or commence planning for.

The highest priority sites are along Tronson Road on Okanagan Lake, with others on Lakeshore Road, Beachcomber Bay Road, and Okanagan Landing Road.

Work could begin on highest priority site this year, with others to be considered for development in 2022 and beyond.

The No. 1 site is at 9030 Tronson Rd. and is considered the most viable lake access for development in 2021.

City research in 2018 outlined 15 top priority lake accesses for development. To date, council has directed administration to develop or improve eight of these.

One of council's 2019-2022 Strategic Plan goals has been to develop a minimum of one lake access site per year.

The Tronson Road site would also improve access to an existing hiking trail leading from Tronson Road to Okanagan Lake.

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