Logging plan in beloved green space raises ire of Armstrong residents

Save Rose Swanson Mtn.

Armstrong residents are rallying to save a North Okanagan green space from being logged.

A petition has been launched to save the Rose Swanson Mountain from falling to the chainsaw.

The petition at Change.org, urges people to save the green space and the abundant recreational benefits it has for the area.

“Anyone who lives in Armstrong or the surrounding areas knows how blessed we are to live in this beautiful place. One place, specifically, are the crown areas surrounding Rose Swanson Park. The area is filled with trails for all, be it hikers, horseback riders, dog owners and mountain bikers. There is an abundance of wildlife as well as natural water holes and small creeks. The forest scenery is magnificent,” said the petition as it extolled the wonders of the area.

“There seems to be some controversy as to whether this area is protected or not. Some feel at one time it was. Whatever the case, it needs to be saved from a fate of clear cutting. It is a local treasure that is well used by the community. It should be saved and made available to the whole community to enjoy now and for many years to come.”
The petition has collected more than 20,000 signatures with a goal of 25,000.

A website has also been launched to raise awareness of the situation.

“We are regular citizens of the North Okanagan who cherish the forest and trails of the 712 acres of Rose Swanson Sensitive Area, officially designated as such in spring 1997,” said the website.

“Without any public consultation, Rose Swanson Sensitive Area has been reclassified by the Ministry of Forests as the Rose Swanson Operating Area. “Our immediate aim is to stop the proposed logging of Mounts Rose & Swanson before timber harvest plans and bids move too far along the process, and before a license has been given to harvest the ancient trees of this vibrant, diverse and magnificent forest.”

There is also an online debate as to the extent of the logging.

Some fear the area will be clearcut, while others state only selective logging will take place.

Castanet has been in contact with the province about the logging, but an official response is not expected until later this week.

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