Lumby's four-legged star now has his own calendar for sale

A super Cooper calendar

The North Okanagan's favourite four-legged friend now has his own calendar, and it is selling like hotcakes.

Cooper the dog has become the darling of Lumby after Jerry Mason started posting pictures on Around the Block Lumby of the border collie in various locations in town.

Cooper started getting likes and followers, and when one person suggested a calendar of the loveable mutt be made, an idea was planted.

“I kept thinking about and thought maybe I could. I have enough pictures,” Mason said.

Mason put a calendar together online and floated the idea in the community to see if there was any interest from people wanting to buy the calendar.

There was.

“I am now up to 162,” said Mason who initially ordered 100 calendars, but has since ordered more.

“It's gone a bit crazy, I must say.”
Mason has a few calendars still available if anyone is interested. He can be reached on Facebook.

“I am surprised to be honest. It has really knocked me back. I knew people liked looking at his posts, but I really didn't think people would want a calendar,” said Mason.

The calendars are $10 each and Mason plans to make donations to the Vernon SPCA, Monashee Arts Council and the Lumby food bank.

And Cooper's fame has gone international.

The black and white pooch has followers in the United States as well as one in Australia.

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