Kid loses wallet with money he saved for a scooter, but a stranger buys the scooter for him

Stranger buys kid a scooter

What started off as a bad day ended with a good deed from a total stranger.

Angie Vasey's son went to the McDonald's in Lake Country, and was saddened to see he had lost his wallet on the trip. He had some money saved up inside the wallet when it was lost, and he hoped to put it toward buying a scooter.

When Angie shared the story on Facebook, a total stranger offered to buy her child the scooter.

"You just put me to tears," Angie said when she heard the offer.

The good samaritan was Brian Graf, who owns Graf Vac Environmental Services. He saw what a sad situation it was, and decided to step in.

"I could imagine how upset this kid was losing his wallet with his hard-earned money, so I sent his mom a message offering to buy the scooter for him," says Graf. "I sent them some pictures to choose from and he picked out the rainbow one."

Graf ordered the scooter Tuesday morning, and it is currently on its way to their home in Lake Country.

"It should take about a week to get here," he says. "I'm going to deliver it to them when it arrives so it'll be nice to meet them."

Graf was born and raised in Lake Country, and always tries to find ways to give back to the community and make it a better place.

"Just the other day, I went over to the firehall and gave the firefighters a $200 gift card to get themselves some pizza," he says. "This community has helped me a lot with my business, so I just want to give back."

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