Local resident warns of phone scam targeting MasterCard users

Phone scam warning

Local resident Eric Wisse is warning others of a phone scam targeting MasterCard users.

He received a call Friday evening from a 1-800 number, which played an automated message before telling him to take action. 

"It was an automated message saying, "hey, this is MasterCard calling, and congratulations on your great credit history. Because you’re so great, we’re going to give you 0% interest on all your credit card accounts, but you have to act immediately, so press 1 now," says Wisse. 

After pressing the digit one, he was transferred to an international caller who ask for his secure credit card information. 

"No credit card company’s ever going to give you 0% interest on all your credit card accounts ... it was just so obviously a hoax. It's childish and it's stupid but unfortunately people are falling for these." 

Wisse says although he knows the call was not legitimate, he is worried for residents who may be fooled by the offer and end up losing money as a result.

If you or a family member have been contacted by a scammer, report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

If you or a family member has lost money, please also contact your local police to report the incident. 

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