A swarm of bees take over a tree in downtown Vernon

Swarm of bees downtown

If you were strolling in downtown Vernon Monday morning, you may have noticed a large number of bees swarming a tree near the corner of 30th Avenue and 30th Street.

The bees congregated quite suddenly, and were seen buzzing for a short period of time before making a colony in a tree.

When it comes to bee swarms, they do happen quite quickly. Then before you know it, they start building a hive for themselves.

"A swarm happens when a hive grows too big," says local beekeeper Dawn Tucker. "Think of it like a family that has gotten too big for its house, and basically the mother, in this case the queen bee, gets very skinny and then takes half of the kids with her."

Swarms may seem intimidating to passers by, but they are quite harmless if they are left undisturbed.

"You can just leave them be – in this case the swarm is 20 feet up in a tree, and generally we can't get to those," says Tucker. "If you leave them alone they'll leave you alone, they're not jerks like wasps."

If you come across a swarm, you can contact a local beekeeper and they will assess the situation to ensure the swarm can be removed and taken care of carefully and responsibly.

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