Big bear mascot returned after weekend party adventure

Bear-napping happy ending

A local mascot had an unscheduled adventure – but is back home.

The giant teddy bear that greets customers at Vernon's Wings restaurant in the city's North End was absconded by perpetrators unknown over the weekend.

But owner Sherman Dahl said Monday the big bear is back, and his liberators left a note behind when they returned him.

"Sorry! Got a little carried away, and so did the bear lol ... He is unharmed and said he had a good time!"

Dahl described the bear-napping as "kind of funny, and heartwarming. Wings Vernon is soooo Happy – there is goodness out there!"  

The big bear apparently got taken to a party without permission on Saturday night.

There's no word on who his temporary captors were, and the bear isn't talking.

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