City of Vernon spent $26 million in 2019 on staff payroll

Who makes most at city hall?

The City of Vernon has disclosed its council and staff payroll for 2019, showing over $26 million in total payments for the last calendar year.

A total of 133 employees made more than $75,000 last year, including 52 individuals who made the "sunshine list" with over $100,000 in pay.

Chief administrative officer Will Pearce was at the top of that list, earning $219,868, with another $9,453 in expenses.

Second place went to director of corporate services and deputy CAO Patti Bridal, who made $162,843 in 2019, with $5,003 in expenses.

Recently retired director of operation services Shirley Koenig was close behind in third place, with $161,219, and another $272 in expenses.

In terms of the council payroll, the city shelled out a total of $306,799 in total payments, which includes expenses. Mayor Victor Cumming made $88,909 last year, along with an extra $4,694 in expenses.

Kari Gares was the lowest paid councillor at $32,288, with councillors Brian Quiring and Akbal Mund making the most at $33,393. Councillor Scott Anderson had the highest expense bill at $5,692, with Gares in second place at $4,206.

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