Okanagan Basin Water Board launches website on flood risk

What's your flood risk?

A new website offers flood risk data for Okanagan residents.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board has launched a new website called the Okanagan Water Story, which provides information about historic floods, effects of climate change, flood plain maps and more.

"This is the first comprehensive flood map for the Okanagan," says water board executive director Anna Warwick Sears. "We hope to have more prepared communities through this site."

The project was kickstarted after devastating floods in 2017, and cost approximately $2.45 million – $1.45 million came from Emergency Management BC, and the other $1 million came from grants from the National Disaster Mitigation Program and Community Emergency Preparedness Fund.

The board sees the project as a way to unite communities in the Okanagan, and for businesses and residents to stay informed.

"The Okanagan communities are working together to help one another, and we're so fortunate to have that ability," said Osoyoos Mayor Sue McKortoff, water board chair. "I think insurance companies will also be interested in this to have more accurate readings on residential and business flood risks."

You can use the website to pinpoint your address and see your own flood risk.

The website does not track current weather conditions or snowpack melts, but the board hopes to incorporate that feature some time in the future.

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